About Nature’s Concepts

Natural Minerals:

Nature’s Concepts, is an all-natural mineral source derived from prehistoric plant matter. It contains minerals that were at one time a living part of life; therefore the minerals are in what is called a plant derived colloidal state. This allows these minerals to be more bio-available than any other form of mineral, thus more beneficial to the animals and plants that feed on them. The approximately seventy elements, including seven major and sixty three trace minerals yields results, no other mineral supplement can. Combine all those minerals with the presence of Humic Acids, carbon, and organic matter; and you have natures best.

Better Health:

If our food is so deficient, why aren't mineral and vitamin supplements good replacements? This is exactly what many people attempt. Minerals cannot be absorbed to any real advantage in anything but food. (food form) A living colloidal system with all its vitamins, minerals, and enzymes is harmoni¬ously balanced with the suns energy intact. This provides immunity with "living" medicines and inoculations. With the exception of a few minerals, most are only needed in very small quantities, and absorption of one may be directly dependent upon the presence of another. Each mineral plays an important role in balanced nutrition, natures way.

Real Solutions:

Times and conditions change. Awareness of the Earth's environment has expanded and the world has awakened to the deterioration of our planet. We are beginning to seek out real solutions to the health we want for ourselves, our animals, and for the planet. More and more people are becoming aware of the detriment caused to the soil, crops, people and animals, as a result of farming and use of chemical fertilizers and poisons. Action must be taken to bring agriculture out of the toxic technology in which we have become so enthralled. Production of high quality, uncontaminated food without sacrificing our environment and water resources must begin! Experiments show that mineral balanced soils yield    crops with higher nutrient density across the board. This translates into more tons per acre of higher energy plant matter/ thus yielding more profits per acre. Weak soil produces weak plants, animals and people.

Nature’s Concepts:

(100% Natural mineral feed enhancer) Animal husbandry has relied primarily on additional protein levels in feed or chemical stimulation to increase production levels and net operating profits. However, the use of chemicals like the synthetically produced bovine growth hormone BST, have proved to be a big problem, not an answer to a problem. Is using a product that will enhance milk production, but has negative results on the health of the animals and consumers the answer? Unfortunately, a high price will have to be paid for this action. Research has shown that herd health problems can increase significantly with the use of BST, even to the point of losing animals. We should be concerned with enhancing their health as well as our own. The logical choice is to pursue the use of natural products, which will not only increase production, but will positively enhance the health and welfare of the animal. In turn the net profits are far greater for the farmer and the consumer. Studies show products derived from Humates, like Nature’s Concepts, improved the animal's health, while improving milk production, and butter fat content. And all this on less feed, needed in dairy cattle.